All reservations purchased at Reserve Now Airport Valet Parking are fully refundable up to 4 hours before the start of the reservation. Parking customers can cancel their reservation for any reason before this time and receive a full refund. After 4 hours prior to the start of the reservation, all non-refundable reservations will be charged the full amount of the reservation. even if you were unable to use your reservation. That includes late arrivals 30 minutes past the scheduled appointment. (exceptions could be made for late arrivals if we're notified in time to reschedule and it's approved by management. There are no refunds for no-shows of an hour or more. The customer will be charged the full amount of the reservation. Flight changes and delays: If changes need to be made, due to flight delays or any other reason. Travelers must contact us no later than one hour before the previously scheduled appointment. If not a $50 service charge will be added to your bill. Any discounts, coupons or special deals will be null and void and the traveler would be charged full price for the service.

TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT - Valet Parking Reservations

Welcome to Reserve Now Airport Valet Parking and thank you for using our service! To use this service you must agree to the following terms of use. This Terms of Use Agreement ('Agreement') constitutes the entire and only agreement between Reserve Now Airport Valet, ('Airport Valet') and the user ('you'), and supersedes all other agreements, representations, warranties and understandings with respect to this service or the contents of this site. You acknowledge and agree that all terms in this Agreement apply to you including your use as user, parking provider and parking customer. This Agreement may be changed at any time by Airport Valet without specific notice to you. The latest Agreement will be posted on the Airport Valet website, and you should review this Agreement before using the Airport Valet Parking service. Airport Valet is not affiliated with the Airport. Airport Valet is a privately owned and operated company managed by Atlas Parking Management.

I. Description of Services. Airport Valet provides a site and app whereby people looking for Airport Valet parking can reserve valet parking curbside at specific locations. This site and the app also provide the method for offering the valet parking service. All persons using the Airport Valet Parking services acknowledge and accept all responsibility and risk for using this site and/or app. You acknowledge and agree:

a. Airport Valet does not accept any responsibility for nor are we responsible for any damage to, loss of or theft of, personal belongings or intellectual property left in the car. These include tapes, records, discs or other similar audio-visual or data electronic devices, any speed measuring equipment within the vehicle or any other accessories of any kind. It is your responsibility to ensure that you remove any personal belongings from the car before and after each Airport Valet service arranged through Airport Valet. As with any personal auto insurance policy, additional insurance terms, limitations, and exclusions apply.

Airport Valet is not responsible for flat tires, or windshield cracks, which occur in the ordinary course of driving and are not otherwise caused by a collision where Airport Valet is at fault.

b. Any repairs covered by Airport Valet and authorized by you will be done at Airport Valet’s repair facility of choice, at Airport Valet’s sole discretion. No additional compensation will be provided outside of the explicit repair of your vehicle.

Repairs must be completed within 30 days of Airport Valet’s acceptance of liability. Airport Valet will respond to all customer claims regarding Airport Valet liability within 72 hours. A $50 per day transportation stipend will be provided if you require transportation while your car is being repaired by Airport Valet. Maximum payment will be $1,000 per incident. The stipend expires within 24 hours of being notified that your car is available to be picked up from Airport Valet’s repair facility.

You are responsible for all costs associated with normal wear and tear on your vehicle (including, but not limited to, interior or mechanical wear and tear and cleaning).

c. Airport Valet does not own or operate any auto care service, facility or is affiliated, contracted or partnered with the airport.

d. Airport Valet reserves the right to store your vehicle overnight at a location of Airport Valet’s choosing.

e. Airport Valet reserves the right to adjust your vehicle settings (including, but not limited to, seat and mirror adjustments) to account for the safe operation of the vehicle.

f. Airport Valet does not promise or assure the availability of any parking selection in any selected parking option.

g. Make sure you supply Airport Valet with an active cell phone number where we can reach you at all times while you are using our services.

h. Any Customer who cancels their reservation with us one (4 hours) or longer prior to the booked parking period will receive a full refund. A customer canceling a booking within 4 hours of the commencement of the booked parking period (including customers who do not arrive at the departing terminal) shall be liable to pay the full parking fee agreed for the whole of the booked parking period (any abatement of the agreed parking fee will be at the company’s sole discretion.) A customer may incur a late fee for any situations out of the control of the company.

i. Notification of Flight Changes: You must give us sufficient notification of any and all changes in your flight. Everyone must notify us upon landing. After picking up your luggage notify us again to let us know you are ready to be picked up. This minimizes delays.

j. Valets aren't allowed to help with disabled passengers or drive vehicles that have been modified for disabled customers. for liability reasons.

k. Coupons and Discount codes - Any coupons or discount codes must be used according to the terms of use of the discount. Any fraudulent use of coupons and discount codes will result in the cancellation of any discounts and the regular price for services will be charged to any violators. All customers who violate the use of any coupons and discount codes will have to pay the full amount owed prior to receiving their vehicle. Airport Valet may terminate or suspend access and/or use of the service and Criminal charges may apply if the customer is a repeat offender or has an extreme amount owed for violating this policy.

II. Copyright. The content, organization, graphics, design and other matters related to the Airport Valet Parking service or the Airport Valet website are protected under applicable copyrights, trademarks, and other proprietary rights, including but not limited to intellectual property rights. The copying, redistribution, use or publication by you of any such matters is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Airport Valet.

II. Service marks. 'Airport Valet' and '' are its service marks, registered service marks or trademarks and cannot be used without the prior written consent of Airport Valet. The Airport Valet name and logo are also the exclusive property of Airport Valet and cannot be used without its prior written consent. Other product and company names mentioned on the Airport Valet website and app may be trademarks of their respective owners. Airport Valet does not endorse any products which may have links on the Airport Valet site.

III. Restrictions on use. Your license for access and use of the Airport Valet Parking service and Airport Valet website and any information, materials or documents (collectively defined as 'Content and Materials') therein are subject to the following restrictions and prohibitions on use: You may not (a) republish, display, distribute, transmit, sell, rent, lease, loan or otherwise make available in any form or by any means all or any portion of the Site or any Content and Materials retrieved therefrom; (b) use the Site or any materials obtained from the Site to develop, or as a component of, any information, storage and retrieval system, database, information base, or similar resource (in any media now existing or hereafter developed), that is offered for commercial distribution of any kind, including through sale, license, lease, rental, subscription, or any other commercial distribution mechanism.

IV. User contract. The following document lists the responsibilities of individuals and groups conducting transactions using the Airport Valet Parking service. For the purposes of this document, 'the parking customer' shall refer to any individual or organization that willfully uses the Airport Valet Parking service.

Responsibilities of the parking provider:

1. The parking provider agrees to make valet parking available on the dates and times indicated by the website or app. The parking provider attests that it has the legal right to make the parking spot available.

2. The parking provider agrees to park in the listed space option, or otherwise notify the parking customer of other available parking options.

3. The parking provider agrees to safely transport the parking customer's vehicle to the off-site parking facility.

4. The parking provider will store The parking customers keys in a safe and secure lock box located at The parking provider's office location.

5. The parking provider will make sure to notify The parking customer of any changes and updates by text SMS or phone calls.

6. The parking provider will carry insurance to cover The parking customer's vehicle in transport.

Responsibilities of the parking customer:

1. The parking customer agrees to strictly adhere to the dates and times set forth by the parking provider. The parking customer will enter and exit the designated curbside departure and arrival locations only within the dates and times agreed upon with the parking provider.

2. The parking customer acknowledges that failure to enter and exit in a timely manner in accordance with the agreement may cause the parking customer to be liable for extra cost due to delays.

3. The parking customer agrees not to leave any keys with parking provider other than the keys necessary to operate the vehicle.

4. The parking customer acknowledges that there are inherent risks when owning and parking a motor vehicle, which includes but are not limited to theft, robbery, vandalism, collision, hit and run, or other acts of God. Airport Valet can not be held liable for any damage or loss of value to a motor vehicle which occurs before, during, or after an agreement entered into with a parking provider using the Airport Valet Parking service.

5. Failure to comply with the terms set forth in this agreement may result in being liable for ticketing and towing expenses initiated by the parking provider or other legal authority. In addition, the parking customer may be liable for other fees and penalties incurred by the parking provider as a result of noncompliance with the terms of the agreement.

6. The parking customer acknowledges and agrees to comply with all posted parking signs or other communications near the drop-off and pick-up areas located at the Airport.

7. The parking customer acknowledges and agrees that the parking provider may determine additional rules and procedures including assignment of parking services and changes of these assignments.

8. The parking customer acknowledges and agrees to pay for any unpaid balances in full before you can retrieve your vehicle. Any unpaid balances will result in your vehicle being held until balance is paid in full. Parking customer gives the parking provider authorization to charge the customer's card on file for Any extra storage fees and charges left on the balance.

V. Confidentiality of Information. You acknowledge and agree that Airport Valet may use any personal information provided by you on the website for purposes of ensuring a smooth parking experience and safeguarding the site. Airport Valet will not sell the information you provide on the site. Airport Valet does not guarantee or warranty the level of its security measures on this site. Airport Valet does not accept any responsibility for any actual, incidental or consequential damages which may result from any security breach or technical malfunction.

VI. Reservation of Rights. Airport Valet may terminate or suspend access and/or use of this site by any user at any time, for any reason, with or without notice. Airport Valet reserves the right to update or revise the Terms of Use Agreement at any time, at its discretion. You should review the terms of use each time you use it.

VII. Limitations of Liability. In no event will Airport Valet be liable for any consequential, exemplary, indirect, punitive, incidental or special damages, even if informed of the possibility of such damages of money, by any transaction performed or undertaken under or in connection with this Agreement. Airport Valet is still in a testing phase and will be not liable for any damages that might arise due to the Parking customer being unable to access or contact Airport Valet.

VIII. Severability. Any terms may be superseded by requirements set forth by applicable statute and regulations. The illegality or unenforceability for any provision of this Agreement will not affect the remaining provisions hereof.

reservation procedures

We accept reservations for flights starting at 7 AM to 5:00 PM any valet meeting times starting earlier or later than the regular reservation hours on reservations made less than 2 hours before your reservation there's an extra fee starting at $35 for (Off-Hour Appointments and must be made no later than 5 PM on the day before your reservation). Reservations can be made 1-Hour in advance, During regular business hours only. (Check the site for availability first, for any times less than 4 hours.


Make an online airport parking reservation. Call valet 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Meet valet curbside at the designated meeting place. The valet will confirm this location with you before your scheduled arrival by text or phone.


Call valet once your flight has landed 1.800.913.8573 Ext. 2 Call valet once you get your baggage or when you board the Sky Train.

Meet valet curbside at the designated meeting place. The valet will confirm this location with you before your scheduled arrival by text or phone.

To make a reservation, please select Entry/ Exit date and time. In the next step, you will be able to choose airport parking options and some extra services as well.

 All Reservations have a 15 minute grace period after that a $10.00 late fee will be charged to your card for every 15 minutes you're late and/or you may be rescheduled. So, Please be on time.